We exist at a very difficult intersection. By definition, the majority of the people involved in the production of our community for queer women and non-binary people lack access to male-dominated structures of power that enable so many other businesses to obtain support and funding — even for imaginary products or a man having an idea so many women have already had.

Our longterm experience at this particular intersection, though, has taught us something invaluable: external funding will never be something we can count on, but our community is. What’s more, we like working for you.

We introduced a premium membership program with A+ long before most other publications in our space because we knew our community takes care of its own, and we've been proven right a thousand times over.

We're looking at a crossroads for the future of Autostraddle; we want to do more than just subsist and spend every working moment figuring out how to stay in business. There's so, so much more we can offer you and each other. We want to do right by our community and prove that LGBTQ women and non-binary people deserve to be paid well to work for the community they love. With your support, we can build something stronger than ever.