Welcome Straights

If you're here, at Autostraddle dot com, as a straight person, you are probably already An Ally. A comrade in the struggle. Someone who watched Ru Paul's Drag Race, but also knows it's maybe problematic?? but also is pretty sure they shouldn't get into why because that's not your lane, right? You know that when there's a hot topic of LGBT discourse on the timeline, you get one (1) tweet about your support and then it's all RTs of queer and trans people. You stopped eating at Chik-Fil-A — mostly. You know it's funny to say "love is love," even if you aren't sure why, or if it's still funny when you say it (it isn't, sorry).

And if you've made it all the way here, to this page at this moment, you're actually probably a pretty good ally. You've sent Autostraddle articles to your parents when your sibling came out; you donate to local LGBT-led organizations and individual fundraisers; you look into the policies and health insurance offerings for queer and trans employees before taking a new job. Some of you have in fact applied to work here, God bless and keep you, something which is never going to happen but belies an admirable enthusiasm. If anything, you've got some low-grade anxiety about what else you could be doing. How do you wingman your lesbian friend who's despairing about her chances of ever finding a girlfriend in your small town? Can you somehow counsel your teenage niece who just came out to your conservative brother? How do you help your bisexual friend struggling with internalized biphobia?

The truth is, friend, that you can't do those things. There's someone who can, but it's not you, babe. It's us. We can. We can help your friend find a girlfriend in South Dakota. We can connect your bi pal with other bisexuals in a variety of relationships with a variety of genders and affirm her and hers. We can be the home your niece visits in incognito mode for as long as she needs it, or until she finds one day she needs it in a different, less urgent way. We've been doing all that, actually, for ten years. What you can do for your LGBT loved ones is make sure we're still around to do all of that by giving us your money. 

If we've taught you something that you later brought up in the group chat, if we helped get your bff through her six-month lesbian breakup when you didn't understand why they still had to go to couple's therapy after they stopped living together, if we've saved your ass from saying the wrong thing on a date with a queer or trans person, you can give us your money. If you've seen your family member sharing this fundraiser on social media saying that we've saved their life, if we've helped you understand a Supreme Court decision, if you've finally gotten a meme about polycules because of us, you can give us your money. If you've been wondering what you can do that will make a material difference in this long dark night of the soul for the queer media that your loved ones (and maybe you, in your own way) depend on, we're here to tell you, lovingly and directly: you can give us your money.  

Sometimes it's hard to know how to help when someone doesn't just go ahead and ask, so we're asking: straight people, donate today to independent queer media and do your part in helping us grow. Your cookie and juice are waiting for you by the door; thank you and have a nice day.